Event Review : Brightspot Market

On rare occasion I visited the event which took place in Jakarta, Brightspot Market. Brighspot is the first market event in Indonesia. Brightspot is very popular among young people in Jakarta and Bandung. In fact, many young people are willing to go Bandung to Jakarta in between busy to come to the Brightspot Market.

Brightspot held at Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall in Jakarta. Brightspot use a lot of areas in the Grand Indonesia Mall. The tenants that available in Brightspot not ordinary tenants, tenants in Brightspot must be selected in advance by the committee. Therefore, tenants who sell there are brands that are large and well-known as well as tenants who have unique items. In fact there are booth Fossil watches are very rare to open a booth at an event like this. In addition to tenants who sell clothing and accessories, there are also tenants who sell food and beverages.

Brightspot Market is an event that is very interesting to visit and never get tired to come there while shopping for products of the work of Indonesian youth. I was waiting for the next Brightspot Market.



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