CI Post #3 : Creative Generalist Review

Creative Generalist

Creative Generalist is an outcome for people who like critical thinking, that they appreciate new ideas from a wide mix of sources. That is  what the maker of this blog said. This blog is mainly a community of people with different perspective and ideas to gives inspiration to others so they can think broader and they are mostly talk about ideation and ideactivity.

Blog surfers or blog lurkers who like visit this blog can always find news, opinions and inspiration from other people that submit their ideas here. They can also discuss, observing an interview and communicate with other creative generalists user.

The blog is quite simple, with the white color as the background and simple font. And the highlighted article on the top of the page and scrolling automatically and continuously. it giving a mixed feeling to the website. It is a great blogs, with the updated articles from the user itself it really giving a new perspective to the reader. This blog is worth a visitCG



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