CI Post #1 :Trend Insight Review

Hello, this is the first post to this blog

The Site Review:

At the first glance, the site is offering you to the cool, unique, innovative stuff that rarely seen or even new in our everyday life. You can find anything from gadgets, furniture, cars, videos, etc. But as you can see this site is just reposting stuff from other similar site and with no original source, even with a little explanation. And the last update from author was on November 2011, so is kind of out of date. For the site that have similar genre, you can go to  they offering images and links that based on interest and communities, or you can go to, they post some stuff with great writings and articles.

The good thing about this site is in the design. The design is very well made, it display the image in interesting way, such as flipcard, mosaic, magazine, etc. It really interesting, because it can make the reader to get easily bored. Even they can change the style every time they want, and choose they really comfort with.

Overall this site is great with posting the innovative stuff, and can inspire people with content inside it. It can added to the site list for people that looking innovative stuff in web.


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